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PASOS works on the reduction of the WASH gaps particularly affected area for Perennial droughts and the conflict in southern and central Somalia that disrupted their livelihoods and disenfranchised the communities in those areas.

Water, sanitation and good hygiene practices are intertwined. Water is an important commodity that is scarce the destination in which currently the organization is operating.

PASOS program delivery puts emphasis on the provision of safe portable water for families and the livestock therefore PASOS had planned effective beneficial projects focusing on the reduction of excess gaps among rural and urban communities of target.

  • Development and rehabilitation of water catchments, shallow wells and boreholes
  • Construction of under ground Berkats or water tanks and elevated water tanks on the water points
  • Construction of sanitation facilities
  • Training on good hygiene practices including hand-washing
  • Construction of Latrines

Increased access to safe water and basic sanitation : Facilitate increased access to safe water and basic sanitation that results in the provision of universally accessible facilities.

Improved hygiene behaviour  : Support the development of increased capacity to ensure hygiene promotion services bring about sustainable behaviour change.

Creating sustainable services : Support policies and strategies to keep services operating through effective governance and partnerships with multilateral agencies, civil society and business.