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About us

Peace Action Society Organization for Somalia (PASOS) is a professionally managed and committed national Non-Governmental and non-profit-making organization, founded by civil society groups on 1st January 1997 in Mogadishu, Somalia.
The primary focus of PASOS is on the problems of  poor in their struggle to obtain  life of justice and dignity. Environment stabilization, food security, empowerment of the community for self-governance are the most important components of its mission. Gender justice, advocacy on human rights, democracy, peace and conflict resolution in society child protection, child rights, natural resource management, and livelihood security are our primary areas of concern.

Our vission

Our vision is for a self-sufficient and sustainable Somalia.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower the vulnerable and the underprivileged communities in Somalia in order to bring about sustainable development and positive social transformation while focusing on equility, justice and human rights.

Guiding Principles

  • Respect : We believe in the dignity and potential of the communities, partners, staff and other like-minded stakeholders to contribute to development and respect others’ views.
  • Commitment : We’re dedicated to offer quality service to the communities with whom we work with a view to make better their living conditions.
  • Excellence : We consecutively challenge ourselves to the highest levels of performance while encouraging learning with a view to achieving greater results of our interventions.
  • Gender sensitivity : We’re committed to ensuring gender parity, equity and actively engaging in efforts towards women empowerment.
  • entegrity and credibility : We strive at being honest and trustworthy in whatever we do and say and accept responsibilities for our collective and individual actions.
  • Accountability and Transparency : PASOS believes in being open and responsible to its stakeholders about its actions. We pursue a policy of zero tolerance to corruption.

Organizational Goals

  • Improve the quality of life for the vulnerable, disadvantaged, and marginalized communities.
  • Enhance emergency response and livelihood crisis intervention
  • Increase access to safe portable water, sanitation and good hygiene conditions.
  • Increase access to quality education
  • Promote sustainable use of environmental resources
  • Enhance human rights awareness, democracy and good governance
  • Promote child protection and child rights

PASOS implements Resilience, Cash relief, Livelihood and Wash projects that exceeds more than 7 per year and targets estimate number of 40,000 households of various location in southern and central Somalia

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