Aminey Nurow Adanis a mother of 7 who lives in the rural areas of Burhakaba named  Aray/Dacarta. Aminey is one of the local residents who have relied on farming produces as a means of income and food. Following the droughts, Aminey and her family moved to nearby villages in Burhakaba, hoping for a better life alternative for her and her family.

Aminey, among others, had benefited from one of PASOS/WV programs in Burhakaba and had the opportunity to go back to her village. PASOS/WV’s, through its Cash Based Intervention programs, had enabled Aminey and others access to clean water and income to sustain their lives.

Aminey is currently enjoying her nomadic life thanks to PASOS/WV’s cash based programs.

I am thankful to PASOS/WV for the enormous help provided to her community and she promised that she will uphold all the phases of the projects in order to thrive and survive similar future crisis.