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Peace building and conflict transformation among Somali communities is one of the key thematic areas of the organization.

The country had clan’s conflicts and collisions that final destructed the valuable cultures, community inter-relations, death and separation to different locations.

PASOS with intellectuals’ peace committing people tried to restore the community extraction through the provision of open dialogue to discuss the issues to reach lasting brotherhood and friendship.

PASOS established 11 March 2000, committee containing 10 groups from different clans that leads major organizational dialogue sessions among clans, trips and successfully completed 25 session of conflict transformation.

Peace is central to all human endeavors. However, lawlessness, insecurity and escalating conflict and violence prevailed in most of the South/Central regions of Somalia. There have been numerous attempts in the past to reconcile and disarm the people of Somalia and return to nationhood.

PASOS recognizes and acknowledges the fact that without peace, there will be no meaningful development for the people of Somalia.

To this end our contribution will be geared towards supporting and enhancing peace and reconciliation initiatives among the Somali people by facilitating and organizing workshops and forums for citizens to ventilate, enhance human rights awareness, democracy and good governance.

More importantly, it contribute to the empowerment of the youth to contribute to the social, economic and political development of the community