Helping vulnerable people

and providing them the necessary food and shelter.

Creating Job Opportunities

We are creating lots of job opportunities in order to enhance households.

Live saving support

To restore hopes in humanity.


We’re dedicated to offer quality service to the communities with whom we work with a view to make better their living conditions.


PASOS believes in dignity and potential of communities, partners, staffs and other stakeholders’ views to positive development.


PASOS believes in being open and responsible to its stakeholders about its actions. We pursue a policy of zero tolerance to corruption.

Peace action society organization for Somalia

Peace Action Society Organization for Somalia, commonly known as PASOS is a professionally managed and committed national Non-Governmental and non-profit-making organization, founded by civil society groups on 1st January 1997 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The primary focus of PASOS is on the problems of  poor in their struggle to obtain  life of justice and dignity. Environment stabilization, food security, empowerment of the community for self-governance are the most important components of its mission. Gender justice, advocacy on human rights, democracy, peace and conflict resolution in society child protection, child rights, natural resource management, and livelihood security are our primary areas of concern.

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news and updates

Youth Friendship Football play initiatives

Youth Friendship Football play initiatives

Burhakaba, located in the Bay Region of Somalia, endured over two decades of civil conflict, suffering at the hands of clan militias. The conflict between clans and religious groups left the city’s infrastructure and public facilities in total collapse, including...

Emergency Water Trucking in Balanbale

Emergency Water Trucking in Balanbale

Clean and safe water is essential for life. The impending drought in Somalia has caused a severe water shortage leading to use of contaminated water, which, coupled with poor hygiene practices, has led to widespread outbreaks of water-borne diseases such as acute...

Cash for work activity changed Khadija’s Life

Cash for work activity changed Khadija’s Life

In Awdhegle, district in Lowershabelle region, Somalia, More than two decades of conflict, instability, droughts and poor living hosted thousands of populations that displaced within the town and surrounding town/ villages. In the absence of strong functional...