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Good nutrition is the foundation of child survival, health, growth and development. Well-nourished children are better able to grow and learn to participate in and contribute to their communities positively, and to be of great resilient in the face of disease, disasters, and other global crises.
Although, thousands of children suffered malnutrition across Somalia, the reality is that malnutrition rate is still increasing, estimate 10,000 children die due of malnutrition and more others are chronic malnutrition that resulted stunting – an irreversible condition that literally stunts the physical and cognitive growth of children.
To cap the magnitude of child malnutrition, PASOS and other organization partners fought malnutrition increasing rate through;

  • Community awareness for malnutrition negative affects
  • Encourage self agricultural production to increase their nutrition status
  • Educate malnutrition sign and symptoms
  • Screening of malnourished children on voluntary base
  • Assistance of mal-nourished children to reach therapeutic centers for referral
  • Advocate nutrition projects to alleviate malnutrition situations
  • Establish youth groups with medical background voluntarily support the malnourished patients.
  • Sharing alarming malnutrition cases to the district local authority for advocacy
  • Establish malnutrition centers, SC, OTP, TSFP, SFP
  • Establish other disease treatment OPD’s.

PASOS projects of nutrition implements provides systematic treatment of acutely malnourished children and pregnant and lactating women by having access to and utilizing quality services for the management of acute malnutrition and it also expansion of women’s and children’s access to evidence-based and feasible nutrition and its related services available through the use of the basic feeding services package.

PASOS currently has and previous years had

  • 5 sites in Mogadishu – OTP, TSFP and SC
  • 3 site in Afgoye, Mubarak, Awdhegle lower Shabelle
  • Burhakaba malnutrition screening had preformed but needs professional managed SC and OTPs
  • Gedo malnutrition screening on preformed and need to get center from malnutrition treatment.

ASOS objectives is to minimize malnourished children under poor privilege community to status of well nourishment, better growth and development to get good cognitive and learning capacity.