Jamal Mohamed Qasim, a husband and a father of 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy), uses his donkey cart as a means of income to feed his family and little agropastoral goats, chicken and caws. His children are very young with the eldest being 8 years and the youngest being a year old. He’s a struggling father who doesn’t receive the support of his extended family members or relatives.

Facing Difficulties In Life

In mid November, 2021, due to successive droughts in Somalia as a result of lack of rains had affected hundreds of thousands of Somalis leading to severe life conditions for both humans and animals alike. Among them was Jamal, an animal herder in Burhakaba who partially uses donkey cart to carry goods for local people in exchange of a few dollars to support his family and livestock. Water was scarce, and grass to feed animals were essentially non-existent, causing him to lose many of his livestock.

If only i could get someone to buy the remaining of my livestock, i would have sold it and escaped to Mogadishu to enroll myself and the rest of my family into IDP camps in the capital city. That’s the only option to surviving.

—- Jamal

However, PASOS with the help of SHF arrived in Jamal’s little village in Burhahaka, offering to help.

What a relief, says Jamal.

On Early September, 2022, PASOS registration team arrived in Burhakaba to collect information about Jamal and his villagers, and immediately put them into lifesaving assistance through benefit fodders, water trucking for the livestock and cash plus unconditional cash transfer under Provision of lifesaving and life-sustaining emergency livelihoods.

PASOS supported Jamal along with 1200HHs (7,200 people) in Burhakaba district, Bay region with 75 USD cash plus for three months.

With the cash provided to Jamal, he was able to fix his donkey cart which broke down, obtained another donkey and restarted providing his service of carrying goods, which came to halt after he had broken his cart.

We appreciate PASOS and SHF for their unwavering humanitarian support during this challenging and tough times, says Jamal.