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PASOS programs in education have been designed to respond to the overwhelming needs of the urban refugee population, poor acknowledged host community in Somalia. The education primary aged school students within the poor ranked community decrease and need to re infrastructure and achieve primary set goals of the organization.

Due to recurrent droughts, less jobs availability and increase communities joining IDPs caused education sector has suffered greatly just like the other sectors. So PASOS focus on education program of construction of facilities and the provision of teaching and learning resources. Our objective is to ensure that all children in the poor communities receive regular and quality primary education with particular emphasis on boys & girl child education.

The areas of focus are :

  • Construction and/or rehabilitation of learning facilities
  • Provision of teaching and learning resources to community schools
  • Construction and/or rehabilitation of primary schools
  • Teachers fee salary payment
  • Consulting school curriculum or syllabus
  • Training of the trainees
  • School feeding
  • Preparation of secondary for primary students graduates

ASOS currently supports 2 district regional schools and over 950 students in Bursar villages.